When the identity of a whistleblower is revealed, then their life is getting endangered by or the company or the government.
In a time of internet of things and a century based on data, it is almost impossible for whistleblowers to stay anonymous. 

Together with several experts we tried to create the highest achievable form of anonymity for future whistleblowers.


'code' provides online anonymity through a manual. The manual guides you how to come in contact with the media, and can be found through a torbrowser.


Jochem van Schip &
Merel Koning

Honors & Awards:
Nominee Youngblood/Honourable mention -
Winner of Young Talent Award - Manifestations Dutch Design Week 
Winner of Thingscon Talent Award - Thingscon Internet of Things Amsterdam
Best of Dutch Design Week - Bright

Media & Publications:


Gogbot - Festival for art music and creative technology
Manifestations - Biggest Tech event of the Dutch Design Week
Bright day - Biggest tech-event of the Netherlands
TEC-ART - Festival for art music and creative technology

Counting Digital Sheep - exposition at TETEM


'coat' provides offline anonymity through a coat/jacket.

/blends in with the crowd

The outside is designed to blend in with crowds; think of your average John in the street with a unisex mid-weight jacket.


The inside holds a well-hidden harness that interferes with gait recognition technologies that are deployed by high tech surveillance cameras in the streets and in transit hubs all over Europe.


The jacket also contains a faraday shield that blocks signal surveillance on smart phones.