Raised on the Street

The street...
The place where every day starts over again.
A place that teaches you to fight for your dreams
it's a place that takes you down
and then provides you the ability to get back up and make progress.

The street

a place that shows it pure identity,
and helps to find yours.
the street challenges you...
challenges you, just to end the day better than it started

It's not for nothing that the greatest are coming from the street


*Raised on the Street*

Another attribute of street culture is tagging street posts with posters. By putting posters on top of other posters a thick layer of paper is being created around the street posts. At a certain point these layers are so thick that it is becoming soft but solid.

By adding another layer of paper with the iconic color and logo of Everest, the street post is being transformed from a boring poster into a fully operational punching bag,
helping to get raised on the street.

Everlast, Raised on the street

Client: Everlast

Creative fields: Film Direction, Guerilla Advertising

Year: 2017