During the Climate Hackathon we were asked to come up with a solution within 24 hours for air pollution in the city.
We did this as a team.

We were focused on the fine particles, because fine dust is one of the most harmful form of air pollution for our health.

We have developed a ventilation system to suck in the fine particles into the sewage system. This through over-pressure and under-pressure, inspired by the termites system.
When the fine particles come in contact with water (the sewage system) the substance is not harmful because it is only harmful to the lungs. And at last when the fine particles enters the water, it can easily be filtered.

Client : KNMI

Team : De Bobbies, Robbin de Waij, Pim Smeets, Sebastiaan Witteveen, Tom Klaver & Lizanne Dirkx

Honors & Awards :
Innovation prize - Climate Hackathon KNMI
Innovation prize - KNMI / Rijkswaterstaat

Exhibition @ Creating 010
Symposium / Exhibition pitch @ RIVM
Exhibition @ The One Club Student Exhibition